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Credit Reports

Are you looking to make a major purchase or want to get a loan? If so, your credit score will be extremely important in this instance. Many people aren't aware just how important their credit rating may be, but it is extremely important to anyone. How can you check what your credit score is? There are several companies that will allow you to do this.

This article will give you the advantages and disadvantages of five companies that offer credit reports. It is in your best interest to educate yourself as much as possible when it comes to which company is the best to use to allow you to check your credit rating.

Free Credit Reports 360
If you are considering getting a loan, the best way to stay ahead of the game is to know what your credit score may be. If you have a high credit score, then it is highly likely you will have no problem getting the loan. However, if you have no idea what your credit rating may be, you can check Free Credit Reports 360 to get the best answer to exactly what your credit rating is. This is an advantage to anyone who needs to know what their credit score is.

What are the disadvantages of Free Credit Reports 360? This may not be free after all. Many people are mistaken by the name of the company and assume it is free, but there is often a membership charge or you may be charged after the initial 30 day free trial, so you will want to be certain you read all the details when you are considering using this company.

This is a well known credit rating company and this can be an advantage to using it. The fact that so many subscribe to this company may make it one you wish to get involved with. Another advantage to using this company is that you will get a very up-to-date report on your credit rating and it will list most everything that has impacted your credit score. You will get a list of your creditors as well as how you pay them. This is an excellent way to keep up with what your creditors are saying about you and just keep an idea of what is going on with your finances.

The disadvantages to using FreeCreditReport.com are much like most of the other companies. There is often a charge after a trial period. The thing about this is most people will totally neglect to find out the charge until they receive their credit card statement and see the charge. This is a huge disadvantage to anyone using this company and you may want to take this into strong consideration.

Lexington Law
Lexington Law works with people to help find out what their creditors may be actually overcharging for fees or other services. This is a true law firm that works with people to get to the bottom of unfair credit charges. The advantages of using a company like Lexington Law are they can really get rid of overcharges on your credit cards and loans. This is what they do and they have the expertise to make this happen. They have helped many individuals struggling with credit debt to overcome much of the charges that may have been wrongly made without the debtors consent. This is a huge advantage to anyone that needs help.

One of the disadvantages of using Lexington Law, is that even they say they are affordable on their website, they still may cost way more than some people can pay. This does make this a disadvantage to many people, because even though they assume they are affordable, they aren't affordable to everyone.

Equifax offers many options for their customers. You can use this company to help you determine what your credit score is as well as many other ways to help individuals or businesses. The advantages to using Equifax is they do offer more than one service, in addition to telling you what your credit score is they can help you get your credit ratings back on track. They will offer advice on how you can improve you credit rating and are experts in the field. The advantages of using this company are they offer many services for anyone to use.

The disadvantages again may refer to the extra amount it will cost you to get a credit score. Here again you may be given promises of free, but once you sign up for a trial, you may be hit with a fee down the line. Be very careful to read the fine print before signing anything because this will certainly help ensure you aren't hit with fees you were not aware of.

Many people may use MyFICO to help them with their credit scores and see exactly what they may be. This is a great way for anyone to learn more about their credit scores and help them know exactly what their credit rating may be. The advantage to using this company is that they offer great advice on more than just one thing. They can help you in many areas where your credit score is concerned.

However, the disadvantages are like many of the others. They will offer a free trial of some service and then will charge you a fee, if you do not cancel the service within a certain period of time. This can lead to people being charged when they don't expect it, because even though you have the chance to cancel, most often people simply forget to do so. Be sure before you commit to any of the above credit ratings company, you are aware of what you are getting into. The best way to get your credit score is to make sure the report is free. This can help you avoid any charges you may not have been expecting and can help get the results you had hoped to get from viewing your credit report.