How To Find An Apartment
Are you looking for a new location to reside? Do you need an apartment to call home? If so, you can make your search extremely easy by searching for an

Compared to other high tech areas, Austin is fairly affordable for living. Overall cost of living comes in at 7% below the national average. The average rent for an apartment is roughly $750 per month with utilities averaging about $90 per month. Most of Austin’s new apartments are being built in the northwest area. Many of these new places are offering move-in specials like move in and get the first month free from rent. A one bedroom apartment usually starts at $600 while two bedrooms begin at about $800 a month. It should be noted that these are older styled apartments. Newer executive apartments are running at the higher price of $700 for a studio upwards to $1000 depending on the amenities offered with the place.

The college neighborhood or the Central/University area features rents of $495 for your basic studio, $575 for your basic one bedroom and $2000 for a three bedroom condo. Larger families are moving to the southern part of the city for the larger apartment layouts to accommodate growing families or extra roommates. A four bedroom apartment in this location will run about $1000 a month. The most expensive neighborhoods in which to live in Austin are the Round Rock and Georgetown areas. It is home to the Dell Corporation, by the way and features top ranked schools. Average apartments here begin at $600 and go up.
The Austin economy is dominated by the University of Texas and the federal government. However, the high tech industry is quickly becoming a major source of jobs for the Austin population. Most of the jobs being created are in the computer and engineering technology fields.
Austin is home to nearly 700,000 people and offers a unique cultural and diversity driven scene for people of all ages. The trendy music scene attracts thousands of young people to the city yearly. It has earned the nickname of the live music capital of the world. The annual South by Southwest music festival regularly introduces new bands from all musical genres and is featured in the long running PBS series Austin City Limits.
Like all big cities, it is wise to get together a renter’s resume in order speed along the apartment rental process. Your renter’s resume should include you personal and professional references, you income information, your financial information and a credit check. Having this information at your fingertips to hand to landlords and rental agents will go a long way in making your case for being the best tenant for the apartment that you desire.