How To Find An Apartment
Are you looking for a new location to reside? Do you need an apartment to call home? If so, you can make your search extremely easy by searching for an

Philadelphia is the fifth largest city in the United States and home to more than one and a half million people. It is a leading commercial and cultural center with an abundance of apartments ready and waiting to be rented. Philly is hot and humid in the summer with mild winters to balance out the climate. This city prides itself on its history and museums and other cultural places of interest.
In addition it is home to Temple University and the University of Pennsylvania. And it is a sports junkie’s delight by being home to the Philadelphia Eagles, the 76’ers, and the Flyers, along with a host of local college teams.
The overall cost of living in Philadelphia is above the national average by about 2%, so it is not a cheap city in which to live. The apartment market is no exception. Median rents for all apartments is $650 per month. In downtown Philly a one bedroom apartment can go as high as $850 per month, while rentals for a two bedroom start at $1000 and go up. There are less expensive parts of the city, but only slightly less.
Center City, downtown is probably the most popular area of the city, because it is close to entertainment and nightlife and shopping. If you’d prefer a more historical neighborhood, then you may want to try looking in Society Hill, where most of the buildings have been restored to their original splendor. If you don’t mind commuting then you might want to explore Bryn Mawr, Haverford, Merion, Ardmore, Wayne and Villanova. However just because you decide to live outside of the city means that you will find lower rents. Rental prices in the Main Line area, as it is called, are the same as what you would find inside the city.
Prior to actually beginning your apartment hunt, you should pull together a renter’s profile. Another name for it is a renter’s resume. This is all the information that a landlord would need to make up his mind about whether or not to rent to you. It should have information about your job, you income as well as personal and professional references. It should also have all the information needed for the landlord or rental agent to run a routine credit check, which of course, will be done prior to your signing the lease. One other thing before you walk out the door to begin your hunt, go over your budget to insure that you can afford the apartment and amenities that you desire.