How To Find An Apartment
Are you looking for a new location to reside? Do you need an apartment to call home? If so, you can make your search extremely easy by searching for an

San Francisco is probably one of two cultural meccas in America, the other being New York City. The city by the bay on the other side of the country is known for excellent restaurants, lovely Victorian architecture, cable cars, rolling fog and the awesome Golden Gate Bridge. It is a very easy city to traverse thanks to the expansive public transportation system. There is really no need to own a car in this city, even if you do have somewhere to park it. Parking is at a premium, here. The city is built on 43 hills offering spectacular views from almost every location along steep curvy streets.

Apartments are available all over the city and in every price range. The problem with San Francisco is that is the most expensive housing market in the country, bar none. The overall cost of living in San Francisco is nearly 300% above the national average. Studio apartments begin at $750 a month and go up quickly. One bedroom apartments begin at about $1200 per month without parking included. Don’t be surprised to find an asking price of more than $2200 on an average one bedroom apartment in this city. An average three bedroom can run as high as $3000 per month. Many people survive by living with two and possibly three roommates to share costs.
Each of the city’s neighborhoods has its own particular flavor, which spills over into the available apartments in that area. Bernal Heights is home to many in the artist community. While the Castro district is home to the GLBT community. This district bustles with outdoor cafes and active nightlife. The Mission district is the traditional home of Latinos, artists and some families. North Beach is the home of poets and the children of the Beat generation. It has been taken over by the Italian-Americans and is a great place to find Italian restaurants and ethnic food. Other places featuring good food include Cole Valley, and Haight Ashbury.
Pacific Heights is home to multi million dollar homes and apartments of the newly rich and sometimes famous. Pacific Heights features great views of the San Francisco Bay. If you’re a sports fanatic, this city is the home of the Giants and the 49’ers, baseball and football teams respectively. In addition it is a cultural mecca and seafood paradise. The key word in San Francisco is affordability. The city offers much in the way of ambiance, however it is ambiance that you will be expected to pay for.