How To Find An Apartment
Are you looking for a new location to reside? Do you need an apartment to call home? If so, you can make your search extremely easy by searching for an

Seattle is one of those expensive cities in which to live with a cost of living figure coming in above the national average. The median price for an apartment is $750 per month with the average apartment renting for about $860 a month. That figure is for a one bedroom apartment. There are bargains in the market, however they are at a premium and are few and far between.

Apartments are everywhere, all over the city and the surrounding areas, offering all types of style and luxury, or not. If you like downtown urban living then look in the Belltown neighborhood. This area features primarily high rise buildings with great shopping areas mixed in and around. The Green Lakes neighborhood offers a quieter and more residential experience. There are fewer apartments available here, but the environment is beautiful. The budget conscious should explore the area around the University of Washington, where apartments are in greater abundance.
Greater Seattle is one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in America. It is home to nearly four million people and growing larger everyday. It is a true urban experience, no matter where you go in the city. The weather is mild with the temperatures rarely dropping below 40 or rising above 70 degrees. It does rain a lot of the time, however. The area gets soaked to the tune of about 37 inches of rain a year and that is a lot of water falling.
But there are many things to do inside including activities in the Pioneer Square District in downtown Seattle. There is a strong Asian influence to discover as well. There are also lots of opportunity to indulge in extreme sports as well as sports spectating.
The Seattle economy is very strong, powered by a good job market. Most of the jobs are in the high tech industries, including the aerospace, computer and software industries. Biotechnology and telecommunications also dominate the job opportunity fields. Some major employers who call this area home include Microsoft, ATL Ultrasound, Nintendo of America, Boeing,, Nordstrom, Starbucks, and Alaska Airlines.
Since apartments are at a premium in this market it would be wise to prepare a renter’s profile to put you ahead of the crowd. A renter’s profile contains your personal, professional and financial information that you can simply hand out to potential landlords, and rental agents. It would also be wise to include a recent credit check to get a leg up on the competition. Also be ready to write some checks and to sign a lease quickly.