Do You Always Have to Pay a Damage Deposit?

If you are renting an apartment, you may be interested in knowing if you always have to pay a damage deposit. For most people moving expenses and getting settled into your apartment can be expensive enough, without the added expense of a damage deposit. However, you should know that it is usually required from the majority of apartment owners a damage deposit be made. A damage deposit, also known as a security deposit, is required by the majority of landlords. In some states, this is an amount that is required by law as the damage deposit, while in other states the amount is left up to the landlord. Quite often the damage deposit is set at two months rent.

Why is a damage deposit required? Many times some tenants feel they should not have to pay a damage deposit, because they intend to take care of the rental property. However, the tenant has no idea they can rely on this to occur, and is certainly in his or her best interest to get a damage deposit upfront, prior to leasing the property. This protects the tenant in the event damage is done to the property; he or she will not be left to cover the damage.It is the right of the landlord to take a good look at the property when the tenant is getting ready to move out and access if there has been any damage done. If so, the landlord has the legal right to keep some or all of the damage deposit to help restore the rental property to its original structure. This is the entire reason for having a damage deposit.

However, on the other hand, if the property was well taken care of by the tenant, and there wasn’t any damage done to the rental apartment, there is not any reason the damage deposit should not be returned in full to the tenant. The tenant has the right to receive their damage deposit back if they have properly maintained the property.

The entire purpose of the damage deposit is to protect the landlord’s property. This should be totally understandable to any one that is looking to rent an apartment, due to the nature of the situation. So, it is highly likely that a damage deposit will be required, but all the tenant needs to do is to take care of the rental property, and it will be returned in full.

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